Hello lovely blog

You’ve been silent for quite a long time. Things have changed, and stayed the same. In the last 18 months or so I have:

  • started yoga
  • finished my Masters (and got a merit)
  • got a new(ish) job
  • got engaged
  • visited some new places
  • applied for (another) new job

And I am sure much much more. I have also remained resolutely me. Moody, flittish, caring, obsessive, workaholic, unfocused, loving, happy(ish) me.



Things wot I have lernt since leaving skewl

1. You can’t please everybody, so you shouldn’t try

2. ‘The future’ never happens, it’s always ‘now’

3. Just because you say or do something wrong doesn’t mean you are wrong

4. People are simultaneously so much better than you imagine they can be, and so much worse

5. Life is not a ‘journey’ or a ‘story’. There is no purpose but to live as best you can

6. The best you can do is OK. Good is enough

7. If you treat people with kindness and decency they might not do the same in return, but you’ll feel good about yourself

8. Failure is an event, not a state of being

9. If you don’t treat yourself with respect it is unlikely anyone else will

10. If it’s a box, or a piece of string, it belongs to the cat


Self-care sounds like a load of hippy-dippy bollocks. I mean, really? You’ll feel better about yourself, and in yourself, if you take time to nurture your soul? *vomit*. Fact is though, it’s true. Whichever way you frame it, you cannot function or look after others if you don’t look after yourself. Sure, we’re all busy. I, more than most, get that. But taking 5/10 minutes a day to do something purely selfish, something that makes you feel good? We’ve all got time for that. What you do doesn’t have to be earth shattering. It doesn’t have to take huge amounts of energy, or money. In fact the best self-care activities take neither. And if you can do one small thing, every day, it all adds up.

Here are some ideas:

  • Mindfulness – do a 3-minute breathing exercise
  • Take a bath or a hot shower
  • Listen to your favourite song
  • Read a chapter of a book you know and love
  • Write a story/a poem/a blog post
  • Cuddle a cat. Or a teddy. Or your partner if you must :p
  • Have a nice cup of tea/coffee/drink of choice with your feet up

Disclaimer: Of course I’m not suggesting that these things are helpful for everyone, or that a cup of tea magically cures negative thoughts (I don’t work for a crisis team!), but I do firmly believe that *everyone* has some little thing that they can do for themselves – even at the darkest times.


The sun has got his hat on

I’m here. Life is good (ish). Usual niggles; body is misbehaving at present, work is hectic as always at this time of year, child is… well, he’s a teenager, what more can I say. I’m looking forward to the summer holidays for once. We’re not going anywhere this year but I’m taking three weeks off, mostly in long chunks, and I’m planning how to keep the teenager occupied in that time.

We’ve done pretty much every museum in London a million* times (*maybe a slight exaggeration), but I fancy a visit to the newly refurbished Imperial War Museum. We’ll also make a day of the Horniman, South London’s finest hidden gem. We did the dangleway at half term, and NEVER AGAIN for me! but we haven’t had much of an explore of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park yet. Will have to resist the temptation of Westfield, I’ve spent a lot of money on clothes already this month (why do teenagers keep growing!). A swim day would be good, perhaps at the Olympic pool. I don’t want to spend a fortune but I’m sure I can stretch to a film and lunch. And of course there will be lots of trains, trams and buses.

This will be punctuated by a few weeks of work whilst the teenager hangs out firstly with my OH then with his Dad for a week, and at the end of August a trip to the parentals and maybe a few days of family camping. 

Sounds like a pretty perfect summer to me 🙂 


I just don’t blog enough. I just don’t clean enough, I just don’t keep up-to-date with my work enough, I just don’t give enough attention to those I love. ENOUGH. Enough is enough. What I do *is* enough, and I have to remember that. And if that means I blog once-in-a-blue-moon-whenever-I-just-feel-like-it then that’s OK. If the house could do with a bit of work and isn’t spotless then that’s OK as well (though it’s better with two people trying to keep on top of it). If I’m not the *perfect* professional with the *best* performance? I’m only human. And if my loved-ones feel that I don’t pay them enough attention…well, they don’t feel like that (as far as I know). I’m blessed, I’m loved, I’m happy and I am enough.

The Doctor and the Filofax

I realise I didn’t blog the last few eps of Doctor Who. I loved the second half of this series, I really did. The finale was great, tying up some stuff and leaving more open to interpretation.


Now that’s just showing off

Heroes are heroes and villains are villains, right? Wrong. As this week’s Doctor Who showed yet again.


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