(Title shamelessly stolen from Magpie Girl)

I’ve been thinking about my beliefs. Or maybe my lack of them. I’m definitely an Atheist in the general sense of the word. I don’t believe in a G*d or any other supreme deity ruling over our lives and actions. I don’t believe that words in a mystical book hold any special power, or that men who dress up in funny clothes and like to fuck choirboys have any divine right to tell us what to do.

I do, however, believe in the fundamental interconnectedness of human life (and yes, I am a massive Douglas Adams fan). I believe that whatever we do will have a consequence, and we have a duty to consider the impact of our actions. We have a duty to look after our planet – it’s the life-giving force for all of us, and of our children and grandchildren ad infinitum. We have a duty to do unto others as we would want to have them do unto us.We should, and in fact must, revel in the beautiful, wonderful, life that we have – as fucked up as it at times can be.

What we don’t have a duty to do is to give a flying banana who people live with, love, fuck, tie up with limp lettuce and flog with a Dyson… Who someone is, and what they (as adults, with full capacity) choose to do as part of their sex life, is no-one else’s beeswax. We also have no business being concerned with what others choose to believe, as long as it has no politico-legal status as truth.

Some of my ideas around this are not very well-formed, and I welcome comments/questions. I’m sure I will be exploring this further – this is as much about a journey of discovery for me as a manifesto on religion.


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