I don’t do New Year

– I resolve not to be bothered by other people having things that I don’t. My life is good enough

– I resolve not to sweat the small stuff. There are enough problems in the world without me worrying about things that really do not matter

– I resolve to get the washing up done immediately after dinner. Waking up to a clean kitchen makes the start of the day a bit better

– I resolve to make time to really connect with someone at least once every day. Even if it’s just 5 minutes over a cup of coffee

– I resolve to let go of the hurt and the anger. I can’t change what has happened

– I resolve to keep my bedroom tidy. It feels better this way

– I resolve to make the most of opportunities presented to me. Nothing will change if I don’t make it

– I resolve to spend at least half an hour of proper quality time with my son every evening he is with me. We both deserve it

– I resolve not to get irritated by things my ex-husband says or does. It’s just not worth it

– I resolve to be happy for a certain person. No matter how much they hurt me they deserve everything they get, and I mean that positively

– I resolve to blog frequently and honestly. Writing helps to keep me sane


What are your resolutions? Whatever the time of year I think it does us good to stop and think sometimes about the things that we want to be doing, as well as the habits that no longer serve us well. Some of my list will be easier than others, but I firmly resolve that I will try to achieve even the hardest things.



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