Under Northern Skies

I’m having some much needed R&R this week, at my Parents’ in Lancashire. It’s a very different pace of life up here.Quiet and sleepy, and things get done when they get done – you couldn’t rush if you tried!

I’m going to forget about the stresses of work, the pressure of single-Motherhood, and the disaster that has been my ‘love’ life recently. I get to be looked after by my Mum (never too old), see some of my oldest friends, and of course look forward to going home!

I love being here, I love seeing my family and friends, but I also remember all too well why I moved away. I have considered moving back, but for a multitude of reasons it’s never likely to happen. My life is in London, as is my son’s. When we were married the ex and I always talked about retiring up here. Perhaps I still might. For now, though, I’ll enjoy the all-too-infrequent visits.




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