If I can’t change your mind then no-one will

Hello lovely blog. Work has been so busy recently, and there has been some other stuff going on, that I haven’t had time yet to complete my Filofax set-up post. I’m hoping to get to it on Monday (hooray for Bank Holidays!). Ali is working really well, and with a few more tweaks I think I will have the perfect layout. I need to buy a 6-hole punch though, my little one-holer just isn’t cutting the mustard. 

As work is utterly hectic I have a fairly quiet time on the horizon socially this month. A few nice things planned – I had dinner with friends last night, and I have a couple of events in the pipeline, but overall some much needed relaxation. I need it. April I made a trip home which always takes time to recover from (I love going home, but travelling is not a favourite activity of mine), and June will be packed as I am off to see the legend that is Mr Bob Mould on the 1st, and then to Download I go. Pre-Download I need to fit in a break with my son, as we are unlikely to get a proper holiday this year. I want to go away somewhere the Bank Holiday weekend, but can’t find anything where we can go Sat-Tues rather than Fri-Mon. If anyone has any ideas I’d be grateful to hear them. Must be accessible by public transport, no more than 2/3 hours from London, and have activities suitable for an autistic teenage boy. Oh, and a bar for Mum!

I’m really looking forward to Download. I have never been to a festival before. I need some advice on essential survival tools! We’re going in the car so no carrying problems. Obviously I have a tent, and an airbed, but what else should I take? Clothes would be a good idea I suppose! I don’t know what to wear though. This festivalling business is more stressful than I though it would be…



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