Sleep is for the weak

My sleep pattern has really been all over the place recently. I cannot really function on less than seven hours, I have had about five and a half. I went through a stage of finding it difficult to drop off, but once I’d gone sleeping right through until 7am. Now I find it slightly easier to get to sleep, listening to classical music helps, but then I wake up very early. I’ve been awake since 4.30am and there is no point in going back to sleep now. I think it is probably time for some new curtains. I only have sheer nets up and the light is streaming through right now. Maybe blackout blinds will help? Before I do that though I need to decorate my room. I have the paint and paper, it’s just a case of getting the time. 

On a related ‘getting up’ note, please consider going here and signing the petition to save Amazing Radio on DAB. I’m listening online at this second, but I will miss waking up with my fix of Georgie Rogers in the morning. 


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