Clara Oswald you absolute beauty

Spoilers for Doctor Who (both ep1 and 2 of series 7.2) below the cut, if you haven’t already watched

I loved Amy Pond. Loved her with all my heart. Admittedly, Karen Gillan isn’t the greatest actress (probably only a slightly wider repertoire that Kristen Stewart), but she suited the fiery, feisty Amy. The girl who waited. The woman who lost her baby and found a River. I was devastated with the news of her departure (and I still haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the final episode of the first half of this series) and, as I have been with some previous companions, I was fully prepared to hate Jenna-Louise┬áColeman. OK, I liked her in Asylum of the Daleks, but (and *hands up* I haven’t watched the Christmas Special yet either) I wasn’t sure how she was going to work as a modern-day companion. And then we met her. Clara Oswald, the girl who is impossible. Impossible in every way. Infuriating, flirtatious, clever, a perfect match for the Doctor. Amy could never really stand up to him in the ways that Clara already has done. She talked the talk, but he was her best friend, her childhood dream. Clara doesn’t have any of that, doesn’t have any preconceptions of the Doctor and what travelling with him would be like. She just wants to go somewhere exciting.

I sobbed my way through most of The Rings of Akhaten. I started when Clara told Mary about getting lost on Blackpool Beach (been there, done that. I agree Clara, there’s nothing scarier!), and didn’t stop until about 15 minutes after the Doctor said that there was no memory more powerful than what never was/what never could have been (I’m whimpering writing about it). There were some parts that made no sense (where did the Doctor disappear to? Why was he watching her parents? That wasn’t the same leaf…), but overall oh my that packed an emotional punch. And I think it sets us up for something really interesting.


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  1. Missus Tribble
    Apr 10, 2013 @ 09:04:44

    The Christmas Special Clara is stunning; you need to watch it even if only because Strax is hysterical ­čÖé


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