Hungry like the Wolf

I wasn’t really impressed with this episode. It just didn’t grab me, but then I suppose we needed some filler after the last two weeks. Mark Gatiss generally writes fun, romp through, filler eps. Cold War just wasn’t one of them.

My annoyances? Why did Clara needed saving from the Ice Warrior? She’s supposed to be a strong independent woman dude! (although a friend pointed out to me that she almost got out herself, and the Doctor intervening at the last minute was just the Doctor doing his ‘have to save people’ thing). Using the ‘Tardis going missing’ trope. The lack of any real memorable minor characters. The Doctor being all ‘show compassion’ to the Ice Warrior. It was just too…meh.

The redeeming feature was some of the humour. That the Professor’s concern was whether Ultravox split up tickled me. Also, trying to get Clara to sing ‘Hungry like the Wolf’ 😀 (bad wolf anyone?). Also, I was glad that, ‘token bad guy’ aside, the Russians were portrayed as actual sensible human beings and not ridiculous Soviet stereotypes.

Oh well, next week’s episode looks like a good ‘un. I STILL need to watch the Christmas special though, and bring myself to watch Amy and Rory’s farewell.

Overall I’ll give this one a 5/10, after an 8 for episode six and a 9 last week.


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  1. Missus Tribble
    Apr 16, 2013 @ 09:45:59

    I rather enjoyed the episode, even if it did turn into a The Hunt For Red October/Alien crossover.

    I immediately thought “Bad Wolf” too. I’m going to strangle someone if *that* happens! Having said that, it isn’t this Doctor’s face that Rose was all in wuuuuuuv with… (someone, hide his identity from her, please? For the love of Skaro!)

    One thing I did like in particular was The Doctor actually getting in the way for once, and Not Helping At All 🙂


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