Nothing ever really ends

After last week’s episode I was really looking forward to this one. I love a ghost story anyway, and a ghost story with the Doctor – get in. Then the first 20 minutes didn’t grab me. Sure it was freaky enough, but it seemed like it could just be more filler, with no real input into the overall story arc. I was beginning to get a bit disappointed. Boy was I wrong.

(spoilers below the cut for Doctor Who episode 7:9 ‘Hide’ , and episode 7:5 ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’)

Then the Doctor took Clara from the beginning to the end of the world, and she began to really get the measure of him. The look on Clara’s face was devastating. The Doctor cares, because we are the only ones worth saving. To him, she is the one worth saving – because he couldn’t, twice.

I loved that Emma could see through him, and Clara.Yes, Clara is more scared than she is really letting, but WHO IS SHE? And no, never, ever trust the Doctor – the man with a sliver of ice in his heart. I agree with a comment my friend made, I could watch the Emma and Alec show. They were fantastic. I love that the Doctor went there to get Emma to read Clara. And that they met their great-great-great-etc Granddaughter (I wonder if she knows River?).

There were inconsistencies, sure. It is Who after all – that bubble Universe lasted far more than three minutes! But there were moments of sheer AHA, that’s it – The Tardis doesn’t like Clara because she’s too much like her. And the Doctor – THIS DOCTOR – misses Rose (though really Moff, you didn’t need to hit us with such a big cluestick). It was a whirlwind that I’m still trying to process, and I’ll need to watch again, but overall this gets a 9/10.

After this ep I made a big mistake. I finally watched The Angels Take Manhattan, and sobbed. Oh Amy, the girl who waited;  and Rory, the boy who stood for 2000 years to save the one he loves. rory was right, what could death do to him? I am so glad that Melody/River was able to tell the Doctor to let her go. And that Amy gave the Doctor spoilers! It upset me that Amy lived longer than Rory, I don’t want her to have been lonely. I like to think that she lived out her final days dreaming of a raggedy man in a flying blue box, and remembering that she saved the Universe, more than once, through her faith and love. That was a great ‘out’ for Karen, she is missed. Nothing ever really ends, least of all love.





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