Now that’s just showing off

Heroes are heroes and villains are villains, right? Wrong. As this week’s Doctor Who showed yet again.

A return in many ways to easy watching teatime classic, with added scare (I used to be both petrified and enthralled by the Daleks), it twisted and turned so much I wasn’t entirely sure what direction I was at times – much like the Tardis herself.

I love love love that Clara scanned as Lancashire – Sass! I have a mug that a dear friend gave me that says ‘You can take the lass out of Lancashire, but you can’t take Lancashire out of the lass’. Damn straight. Also, Clara’s hair? OMG I want.

The van Baalen brothers were great. I was pleased that Gregor retained some of his new found empathy at the end (does this hint that Clara may not forget all too?), and it was good to have some strong black characters again. I’d like to see more of them.

The Doctor though, oh the Doctor. He really does have a sliver of ice in his heart. Secrets protect us? You hypocrite. Don’t mistake my criticisms of the Doctor for dislike though, please. Matt Smith plays him to perfection. The spot-on mix of knowingness and perplexion. He seemed both angry and afraid that he can’t work Clara out.

That we are being set up for something big in the series finale is without a doubt. Doctor, you have a name…


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