The Doctor and the Filofax

I realise I didn’t blog the last few eps of Doctor Who. I loved the second half of this series, I really did. The finale was great, tying up some stuff and leaving more open to interpretation.

Some think it was too quick, the reveal of Clara as the Impossible Girl. I think it was just right, and there’s certainly more to come with her. Of course, now though, we have the news of the departure of Matt Smith as The Doctor. I was devastated when I heard, and remain so. From the moment he came onto our screens he was *my* Doctor. Everyone adored Tennant, and don’t get me wrong he was a fantastic Doctor, but Matt was just… perfect. He will be sorely missed. I’m awaiting the news of Twelve with bated breath.

In Filofax news I’ve moved back into Ali, my personal Finchley. Molly the Chameleon was starting to look a bit shabby, and a move also gave me the opportunity to rejig my setup. I’ll try to do a picture post at some point, but basically I have my main dividers:

Schedule: Contains my WO2P diary as well as a fold-out year planner

Notes: With punched bits of paper for writing work visits on

To Do: Self-explanatory

Personal: My gratitude list and mindfulness practice

Info: Registration page and the Filofax info pages

Then additionally:

Addresses: Self-explanatory

Notes (again): Annual leave dates and some other work stuff

Information (again): Haven’t decided what will go in this section yet

Projects: Smoking cessation stuff, and my Flock year practices list

Financial: I’m trying to keep more track of my spending

In the front card pockets live my less-used cards, as well as in a card holder at the back. The back zipped pocket holds stickers, washi tape and my RADAR key.

I’ll see how I get on again with Ali, but I REALLY REALLY want a Malden…


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