I just don’t blog enough. I just don’t clean enough, I just don’t keep up-to-date with my work enough, I just don’t give enough attention to those I love. ENOUGH. Enough is enough. What I do *is* enough, and I have to remember that. And if that means I blog once-in-a-blue-moon-whenever-I-just-feel-like-it then that’s OK. If the house could do with a bit of work and isn’t spotless then that’s OK as well (though it’s better with two people trying to keep on top of it). If I’m not the *perfect* professional with the *best* performance? I’m only human. And if my loved-ones feel that I don’t pay them enough attention…well, they don’t feel like that (as far as I know). I’m blessed, I’m loved, I’m happy and I am enough.


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