Things wot I have lernt since leaving skewl

1. You can’t please everybody, so you shouldn’t try

2. ‘The future’ never happens, it’s always ‘now’

3. Just because you say or do something wrong doesn’t mean you are wrong

4. People are simultaneously so much better than you imagine they can be, and so much worse

5. Life is not a ‘journey’ or a ‘story’. There is no purpose but to live as best you can

6. The best you can do is OK. Good is enough

7. If you treat people with kindness and decency they might not do the same in return, but you’ll feel good about yourself

8. Failure is an event, not a state of being

9. If you don’t treat yourself with respect it is unlikely anyone else will

10. If it’s a box, or a piece of string, it belongs to the cat


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