Nothing ever really ends

After last week’s episode I was really looking forward to this one. I love a ghost story anyway, and a ghost story with the Doctor – get in. Then the first 20 minutes didn’t grab me. Sure it was freaky enough, but it seemed like it could just be more filler, with no real input into the overall story arc. I was beginning to get a bit disappointed. Boy was I wrong.

(spoilers below the cut for Doctor Who episode 7:9 ‘Hide’ , and episode 7:5 ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’)



Hungry like the Wolf

I wasn’t really impressed with this episode. It just didn’t grab me, but then I suppose we needed some filler after the last two weeks. Mark Gatiss generally writes fun, romp through, filler eps. Cold War just wasn’t one of them.


Clara Oswald you absolute beauty

Spoilers for Doctor Who (both ep1 and 2 of series 7.2) below the cut, if you haven’t already watched


Run for your life

I’m doing a 6K run. Me. Running. 6 Kilometres. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I’ve done a 5K before – and completed that in just under 45 mins (on no training and with a hangover). So I’m hoping that I can do this in about the same time, or in under 50 mins at least. It’s in aid of Crisis, the charity for single homeless people. They do amazing, life-saving, work. I volunteer with them every Christmas in Healthcare, and all of the people that work there – paid staff and vols – are totally brilliant. So, if anyone fancies sponsoring me go here. I’d be very grateful!


I have spent this weekend reading about and preparing to do a home retreat. I’ve always liked the idea of going on a retreat, but was never sure that I could find one that would ‘fit’ with my beliefs (as ill-formed as they are). So I decided that I will do a retreat on my own, at home. I don’t buy into much traditional religious claptrap, and don’t have much time for anything completely hippy-dippy ‘grow your own jumpers and knit your own veg’. I do, however, have some kind of ‘faith’ – in the Universe, in the Goddess, in Being. And I know that some of the practices I try to do, such as Mindfulness, are helpful and worthful.

I bought Jennifer Louden‘s book The Woman’s Retreat Book: A Guide to Restoring, Rediscovering and Reawakening Your True Self –In a Moment, An Hour, Or a Weekend. I read and relaxed, and thought about different practices and things I could do. I bought myself a planning book to write down my ideas. I ‘retreated’ into myself. I pretty much had a retreat without (m)any of the usual retreat like practices! It was one of the most relaxing weekends I’ve had for a while. Not completely a retreat though – I still spent too much time on FaceBook, and watched TV, and did housework. I didn’t ‘get away’

I am going to do it ‘for real’ on the 22nd March, which is my next totally free weekend. I have a plan, a list of practices, a hope, a desire, a need to bring my guiding star to life. Love. To love and cherish myself.

For my wife

I’ve been told off by my Wife for not blogging enough! So this is an attempt to rectify that. As usual, I make no promises as to frequency etc. of blogging, as I am rubbish at keeping to them, but as one of my un-resolutions is to write more I may as well use this space.

This week has been a long, hard, one, but today has been a blissful day of utter chilled outness. It was sorely needed. Tonight I am off for dinner with two of my oldest and bestest friends, M and A, who I haven’t seen since Bonfire Night. I love this time of year, as people make more of an effort to spend time together. Not that my friends don’t usually, but we all lead such busy lives and have competing priorities. There’s something about Christmas, that despite the hustle and bustle there’s still a peacefulness and a true desire to be with those you love the most. I like that.

Here’s to a happy Christmas for all, however and whatever you celebrate.

All this and heaven too

Some of these may seem contradictory, but in balance they keep me functioning:


– I need alone time, time to just ‘be’. Time to completely switch off from the world and not have to think 

– I need connection. I need interaction with people. I need my friends

– I need my work, to be able to help others and watch them grow

– I need warmth, hugs, kind words, validation

– I need learning, knowledge; I need to know what is going on in the world

– I need creativity: to plant a seed and watch it grow, to get a little of ‘me’ out there 

– I need to be ME


What are your needs? 

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