The Doctor and the Filofax

I realise I didn’t blog the last few eps of Doctor Who. I loved the second half of this series, I really did. The finale was great, tying up some stuff and leaving more open to interpretation.



Now that’s just showing off

Heroes are heroes and villains are villains, right? Wrong. As this week’s Doctor Who showed yet again.


Nothing ever really ends

After last week’s episode I was really looking forward to this one. I love a ghost story anyway, and a ghost story with the Doctor – get in. Then the first 20 minutes didn’t grab me. Sure it was freaky enough, but it seemed like it could just be more filler, with no real input into the overall story arc. I was beginning to get a bit disappointed. Boy was I wrong.

(spoilers below the cut for Doctor Who episode 7:9 ‘Hide’ , and episode 7:5 ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’)


Hungry like the Wolf

I wasn’t really impressed with this episode. It just didn’t grab me, but then I suppose we needed some filler after the last two weeks. Mark Gatiss generally writes fun, romp through, filler eps. Cold War just wasn’t one of them.


Clara Oswald you absolute beauty

Spoilers for Doctor Who (both ep1 and 2 of series 7.2) below the cut, if you haven’t already watched