The Doctor and the Filofax

I realise I didn’t blog the last few eps of Doctor Who. I loved the second half of this series, I really did. The finale was great, tying up some stuff and leaving more open to interpretation.



Now that’s just showing off

Heroes are heroes and villains are villains, right? Wrong. As this week’s Doctor Who showed yet again.


Nothing ever really ends

After last week’s episode I was really looking forward to this one. I love a ghost story anyway, and a ghost story with the Doctor – get in. Then the first 20 minutes didn’t grab me. Sure it was freaky enough, but it seemed like it could just be more filler, with no real input into the overall story arc. I was beginning to get a bit disappointed. Boy was I wrong.

(spoilers below the cut for Doctor Who episode 7:9 ‘Hide’ , and episode 7:5 ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’)


Clara Oswald you absolute beauty

Spoilers for Doctor Who (both ep1 and 2 of series 7.2) below the cut, if you haven’t already watched


“She didn’t get it all from you you know”

*spoilers for ep 6-13 of Dr Who*

I loved Eleven from the moment he appeared on our screen. Like many, I was a little concerned about Matt Smith’s casting, and I really really didn’t think it would work. What could, after the wonder of Tennant? But it did. HE did. From that very first moment, all gangly legs and Geronimo, he was MY Doctor.

And Amy. Little Amelia Pond. The girl with a time crack in her bedroom. The girl who waited – more than once. How could you not adore her, despite the crap acting at the start? (yes, it helped that Karen Gillan is stunningly gorgeous. OK I’m a sucker for red-hair so sue me).

Which brings us to Series 6, Matt’s second series where he really should be able to cement his place as a great Doctor, and where Steven Moffat should be able to banish the ghost of RTD forever. There’s been moments of brilliance – particularly by Karen Gillan who has really developed as an actress – but also moments of complete diabolical codswallop (and what is with the James Corden obsession – he’s NOT FUNNY). I so wanted to love every single moment, and I just… didn’t. The good was very very very good, but in the end it didn’t add up. The final episode last night was a microcosm of the whole thing. From the sublime – Amelia Pond you finally cracked and boy was it big style – to the ridiculous – I mean, Teselecta? (warning – that link pretty much sums up the entire plot). Really? You expect us to believe that the Doctor fooled the ENTIRE UNIVERSE with that?

I admit, I cried. A little. Matt’s acting was perfection, particularly during the wedding scene. And he forgives River, completely. That’s really where I sprung a leak. He has it nailed, the perfect mix of naivety (scones and texting?) and the wisdom of the whole of history. I’d started sobbing with Amy. Oh Amy Amy Amy. I knew you hadn’t forgotten that River/Melody was YOUR BABY. Yes, you’re right, she’s fine but that’s a Mother’s worst nightmare – you’ll never get to have your baby.

Some of fandom are up in arms about The Wedding. Complaining about The Doctor asking Rory and Amy’s permission (despite Rory’s complete lack of clue – Arthur Darvill is terrific in this role). That didn’t bother me so much. And I got why River was willing to sacrifice the whole Universe for the Doctor – she’s a psychopath remember? Born that way. She’s still very young, the River we know and love has had time to accept his fate. The Doctor wasn’t happy about it at the beginning either.

What did bother me was the inconsistency of it all. I know, it’s Who, it’s not real life (but I want a flying balloon car! and a Pterodactyl!). I just think that, despite his faults, RTD always had a much better handle on the overall story-arc. Too much was left unsaid. Silence will fall when The Question is asked. I think the question is, where next?